2020 Charity - Aware NI

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We have chosen AWARE as our charity partner for the 2020 season and will be running several events to raise funds to support their work throughout Northern Ireland. AWARE offer a number of wellbeing programmes into communities, schools, colleges and workplace settings across Northern Ireland.


There are a number of different ways which AWARE can help. AWARE offer 24 Support Groups throughout Northern Ireland which offer free support to people with depression as well as the family and carers of people with depression. 


If you are unable to attend a face-to-face support group then perhaps you may be interested in AWARE’s online support groups which you can participate in using a mobile phone, tablet or computer from the comfort of your own home. 

Find more information on these available Wellbeing Programmes ;

Since 2015 we have donated £4450 to four local charities, please help us to support this worthwhile cause..

Thanks to everyone who has helped us in any way to support our chosen charities over the last 5 years..

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