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Cregagh Cricket Club are pleased to offer a range of subscriptions for adult and youth playing members.


Adult associate membership is also available to those who want to support their local Club and avail of members benefits.


The following membership packages are available and should be renewed annually in April:


Playing membership 2023


  • Full playing adult member – £120                     

  • Student playing member – £70 (18+ in FT education)                          

  • Unemployed playing member – £50  

  • Youth playing member – £55 (1st child & £35 for successive child(ren) 


For all members under the age of 18 a Youth Membership & Parental Consent Form must be completed.

Associate membership 2023

  • Adult non-playing member - £25  

  • Adult spouse/partner member - £5 

All adult members enjoy discounts at the club bar on presentation of a valid membership card. A levy is charged by Cregagh Sports Club on all subscriptions received by the Cricket section.

Payment can be made to the Club Treasurer by cash/cheque or by credit/debit card at the Cregagh Sports Club bar.

(Cheques should be made payable to Cregagh Cricket Club)

Membership Form must be completed and forwarded to the Club Secretary.

If you are interested in joining and would like more details please contact the Club Secretary or any member of the Club Committee;

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